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Welcome to Year 2

Week Beginning 12th July 2021


This week, we have been learning how to measure the weight of classroom objects. We have explored different units of measurements and have learnt how to convert grams to kilograms.

Week beginning 5th July 2021

This week in English the children have been completing their persuasive texts where they wrote a leaflet about all of the things that people could do if they visited Stanway. In Maths they have been learning about how we can measure things with rulers, meter sticks and trundle wheels. This week the children also set up an experiment to investigate how water travels around a plant using celery and food colouring.


Week Beginning 28.6.21

It has been a busy week in year 2 this week.  The children have been learning about the Buddhist way of life in RE, so they had a yoga and meditation experience lesson.  In maths the children have been learning about position, direction and turns.  They gave instructions to move each other around the grid collecting objects.

Welcome to Year 2

Week Beginning 21/6/21

This week in maths Y2 have been learning all about shape. On Tuesday they used straws and masking tape to make 3D shapes and explore their properties.

In English the children have been continuing to learn how to write a persuasive text using features such as conjunctions and captions. Next week they will be using all they have learnt to write a persuasive text about the local area.

Week beginning 14/6/21

This week Year 2 have been taking part in Sports Day where they had the opportunity to score points for their different groups by competing in sporting activities. There was a javelin throw, a running sprint, a football goal shoot and many more.

The children have also been doing an experiment in Science where they have started to grow some cress seeds so that they can observe the effects of light and water on plant growth.