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Welcome to Year 4

WB 4th October 2021 - Science

In Science this week, we took our learning outdoors.  We have been grouping animals, and so we were searching for verabrates and invertabrates.

WB 27th September 2021 - English

In English we have been focusing on the book Treasure Island.  This week we have written letters from the point of view of Long John Silver or Jim.  We have worked hard to look at the features of letter writing, and incorporated them into our own.  We displayed our letters on tea-stained paper to make them look authentic.


WB 4th October 2021 - Geography

There was great excitement last week when we went on a Geography field trip of the local area.  The children delighted in pointing out various landmarks along the way, including the many schools down Winstree Road, and drew them on a map.  On returning to school we shared our findings, and made sure that we had all plotted the various buildings, parks etc.  The children then drew their own accurate representation of the school and surrounding area.  They all worked extremely hard with their maps and should be very proud of the work they have completed!

WB 27th September 2021 - Tennis

In Outdoor PE, we are currently perfecting our forehand and backhand ball control in Tennis lessons.  Everybody is working hard, and behaving beautifully.  We'll see Wimbledon in no time at all!

WB 20th September 2021 - Music

In Music lessons this half term we are completing a singing unit based on Abba's Mama Mia.  The children are all very enthusiatic about it, and have enjoyed their first lessons.  If you've not heard them practising at home yet, ask them to sing Mama Mia to you!

WB 13th September 2021 - Australasia and Oceana

We had great fun last week as part of our Australasia and Oceana topic.  The children took part in a Bush Tucker Trial like those completed on 'I'm a Celebrity'.  The children had so much fun working as a whole year group for the first time in what feels like forever!  They all engaged well and were willing to try some interesting food choices including Monkey snot, Koala tongue and Wallaby ear wax.  The children had lots of fun, and learnt about different Australian animals at the same time.

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