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Welcome to Year 6

1st November 2021

Squash Visit

We thoroughly enjoyed our recent visit to the Colchester Garrison squash courts. It provideed the children with an opportunity to practise the skills they have learnt, not just this year but over the sequence of annual turoring, on full size courts. They enjoyed using the side walls and were introduced to a further set of rules to develop their understanding of the game.

Our professional coaches Emily and Lauren were delighted with the children's ability to serve and tactically select returns that kept their oponent on their toes. As always, our pupils recieved praise for their positivity, manners and encouragement of others. 

18th October 2021

The Great British Outdoor Bake-off

This week, we took Food Technology as our Forest Schools focus and made chocolate-orange cupcakes. First the children carved away the centre of half an orange. They prepared a cake mix which was used to fill the orange cup. These were than carefully wrapped inside a foil parcel and baken on an outdoor fire. The children enjoyed tucking in as they watched the fire smoulder. 

Great fun and a delicous autumn treat!

11th October 2021

Sensational Science!

During our Science lessons this half term, we have been learning about the human heart and the circulatory system. We can now explain what the heart is and the process through which oxygenated and deoxygenated blood is transported around the body. We have completed practical activities to model the blood's movement, explored how our heart rate reacts to different forms of exercise and have measured our recovery rate after exercise. To present our learning, we have used a variety of graphs and charts and have developed our ability to write explanations.

A lot of fun has been had and we have shown that we are Sensational Scientists!

4th October 2021

Blitz Evacuation

Our recent focus in History and English has been WW11 Blitz and the evacuation of city children to the safety of the countryside. The children used primary evidence photographs to deduce facts about the past and asked enquiring questions to develop their understanding.

In Art, the children produced silhouettes of the London sky-scape which they layered on top of a blazing background produced by colour mixing and applying as a graduation.

The children put themselves in the shoes of an evacuated child and wrote and edited poignant letters home. These were filled with emotive language and demonstrated the children’s understanding of the event through detailed description of their new home and the overwhelming and unfamiliar experiences encountered.

27th September 2021

Squash Coaching

We are delighted to be taking part in half a term of squash with our wonderful professional coaches. The children look forward to this annual experience and it is wonderful to see the progress they make. To celebrate their achievements, we have been invited to the Garrison in October to play on full size courts.  This year is extra special as the coaches will be scouting for players who show skill, dedication and most importantly, sportsmanship to take part in a multi-school championship. It will be hard to make the selection from such impresive players!

20th September 2021

Forerst Schools Fun!

This week, we have opened our beautiiful outdoor learning area to run Forest Schools to the delight of the children. 

It was fantastic to see the boys and girls revisiting their favourite activities such as den building, tree climbing, fire-preparation and bug hunting as well as being inspired to explore new skills alongside their classmates. As always, enthusiasm and engagement was high and teamwork shone through. 

13th September 2021

Welcome Back

It has been a wonderful first week back in Oak and Olive classes. We have been exploring the geographical and cultural diversity of the vibrant continent Asia and have produced many creative pieces of work including water colour blossom trees, shoji screens, travel brochures and have also researched facts about endangered animals. 

We are proud to announce our School Councilors who were democratically elected by their peers: Layla, Osose, Noah and Izzy.

We have already formed new friendships and sense of teamwork ready for the challenges and exciting experiences which lay ahead in this last year of our primary school journey.

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