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Welcome to Year 3

Science Magnets Investigation - 11th October, 2021

In Science, the children have been learning about forces. This week, the children explored magnets. They created their own investigation to see if water affected how the magnet worked. 

English Instructions - 7th October, 2021

Over the next few week in English, Year 3 are learning about instructional writing. As part of this, Year 3 made delicious jam sandwiches where they were able to experience each part of the process. They were then able to write their own instructions in chronological order using key features such as imperative verbs and adverbs including adverbs of time.

Dance - 29th September 2021

In Dance this half term we are using i-moves to learn different movements.  This week some of the children created their own sequence which they performed to the rest of their class.  

Design and Technology - 23rd September, 2021

In design and technology this half term, the children will be learning a range of sewing skills including overstitch and back stitch. This week the class were learning to master the running stitch and what a wonderful job they did.

Outdoor PE Hockey - 13th September 2021

This week, the children began their normal topic related learning in the afternoons. This half term, the children will be learning the skills of hockey. They began with learning to dribble a hockey ball and show control. The children thoroughly enjoyed the team games to practise the skill of weaving in and out of the cones.  

Maths and English - 10th September, 2021

This week Year 3 have started Place Value within Maths. Within this, children are identifying the values of three-digit numbers and exploring different representations of numbers. In English, we have begun our narrative unit on characterisation. The children have been looking at dragons and identifying adjectives, verbs and adverbs to go with this. 

South America - 3rd September, 2021

At the start of Year 3, the children have been learning about the continent of South America. Within their learning they have found out about the different countries along with several traditions. These have included South American dream catchers, pan pipe from Bolivia and weaving from Paraguay. Children have experienced the dominant language within the continent which is Spanish. 

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