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Eco Council

21st November 2023: 

On Tuesday morning seven of our marvelous Eco Council children did a fantastic job of planting well over 100 saplings in our Forest School area. We have created a 'nature corridor' hedgerow to encourage more wildlife into our developing Forest School area. We look forward to watching this grow and establish in the coming months and years. Jaime, from the Essex County Council Environmental and Climate Action team came to school and kindly supplied us with the saplings and mulch. These included, dog rose, willow, dog wood and crab apple. We have also dotted some larger trees around our site to ensure that we have trees to enjoy in years to come and to create a sustainable Forest School area. 

The children and staff all worked incredibly hard all morning and proved themselves to be real eco warriors! Huge thanks to all those who supported this work, from loaning wheel barrows, providing muscle and especially helping to plant and shovel.

Libby Ladybird and Lisa Lacewing

Forest School Leaders

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